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Most fabrication shops specialize in one or two types of manufacturing, offer one or two service lines or serve one or two industries. At MaXfield, we do far more. After designing, engineering and manufacturing pressure assets, pipe spooling or structural skids, we don’t just turn the pieces over to you strapped to a pallet. We can package it all together as a functioning system.

Even better, we’re happy to take third-part components that we don’t manufacture, such as heat exchangers, incorporate them into your system’s design and package them up with the pieces we made. Relatively few fabricators across western Canada can say the same. That’s what truly makes MaXfield an integrated solutions provider.

For you, the benefits of having access to a one-stop shop are clear: convenience, speed, reliability and, perhaps most important, a single point of accountability — MaXfield — throughout the entire process, from concept through delivery and all the way to future servicing and upgrades.

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