MaXfield has beenbuilding B-trains forLPG and NH3 service for over 20 years.  Overthese years we havedeveloped theindustry leading B-train.  

Some ofthe features: 

  • Robust Design
    • Our B-trains have beenin service foryears andare built forthe rugged conditions of Canada.  
  • Light Weight
    • We havedeveloped manyconcepts toreduce weight to maximize payload.  Thishas resulted inthe lightest b-train on themarket.
  • Fastest Loading and Unloading Times
    • Our experience has allowed us todevelop solutions to loadand unload thetrailers quickly while ensuring the system is assafe as possible.  
    • We haveextensive experience in developing solutions specific for customer installations.
  • Attention to Quality
    • We focus on items that most manufacturers overlook such as:
      • Buff and polish all visible welds to ensure no bleed through of paint over the long term
      • Soldered and heat shrink all connections
      • Compression nut fitting on all air lines
  • Focus on Safety
    • MaXfield performs a brake timing test on all units to ensure the wheels are braking at the same time; the regulations only require us to test the overall design however MaXfield tests each individual unit to ensure each is working properly.
    • Our engineers have developed the best balanced trailer for pulling; ensuring the trail unit does not drift.
  • Lowest Long Term Maintenance Costs
    • The piping system is setup for easy access and replacement all all components.
    • The same is true of the electrical system; with junction boxes located in areas accessible. 


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