MaXfield Inc. has over a decade-long track record of success and growth. The company was launched in 2002. But our roots extend decades earlier, nearly half a century — to a fabricating company called Western Rock Bit Co. Ltd., which began operations in 1962. Several of today’s top MaXfield people worked for Western Rock Bit building pressure assets in the 1970s.

MaXfield started out with 27 employees manufacturing pressure vessels and compressed gas transport units at the Crossfield facility. From the beginning we focused on the same five major industries that we continue to serve today. The Crossfield facility back then covered about 60,000 square feet, and first-year sales were about $5 million.

A value proposition of high-quality custom manufacturing with design and engineering capability quickly caught on with customers, setting MaXfield on a growth track that continues today.

Milestones of the past decade include:

  • 2002 — Company is founded in March by a small group of fabricating industry veterans, begins operations in original shops at Crossfield, Alberta, with company offices in Calgary. The Crossfield facility is upgraded over the years.
  • 2005 — We open a 12,000-square-foot facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, primarily to service our agricultural customers, providing a strong local presence from which we can pursue growth opportunities.
  • 2006 — MaXfield has grown to 100 employees.
  • 2007 — We open an 8,000-square-foot facility in Brandon, Manitoba, primarily focused on serving customers in the agricultural and LPG sectors. By early 2011, the Brandon facility is slated for its first expansion.
  • 2008 — MaXfield acquires Aqtion Inc., a structural fabricator based in Calgary, which is amalgamated with MaXfield in 2010.
  • 2009 — After some smaller additions we launch a $4 million,
    42,000-square-foot expansion of the Crossfield facility, including new shop and offices, bringing the complex to a combined 114,000 square feet. The project is completed in April 2010 and adds substantially to our capabilities, including the new service lines of pipe spooling and structural skid manufacturing.
  • 2010 — The MaXfield team grows to 250 people by year-end. Annual sales have increased eight-fold from our first year of operations.
  • 2011 — Additional inroads are made in manufacturing, fabricating energy processing related equipment along with increased demand for larger capacity pressure assets.
  • 2013 — A 12,000 square foot Preparation Building is underway at Crossfield facilities to provide additional efficiencies in meeting increased demands for assets. A Staff luncheon is held in recognition of MaXfield’s eleventh year anniversary of operations.
  • 2014 – MaXfield launches the development of the PRU-1000 and develops the OATS program.
  • 2015 – The year begins with a historic drop in activity in the oil and gas industry; MaXfield’s broad product and service offering continues to allow the business to thrive.
  • 2016 – As the pain continues in the oil and gas industry MaXfield continues to leverage the broad products and services to position the company for the coming recovery. 

Today MaXfield continues to grow and expand, building on a reputation for excellence and our strong positioning with six service lines serving five industries.

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