This is a term used for operating a tractor (truck) without a trailer attached; but rather mounted behind the truck.

MaXfield designs and builds vessels that last a long time; 25-30 years or more.  Expendable components wear out-valves/meters/pumps.  A remount is required every 5-10 years – when the truck is replaced.  When this occurs the new truck is often a slightly different design and requires our engineers to develop a specific design.

MaXfield offers vessels made with quenched material.  Stronger and more flexible in case of accident/rollover.

The typical LPG bobtail vessel sizes

1,000 – 3,600 USWG            Single Axle

5,950 USWG                         Tandem Axle

8,000 USWG                         Tri-Axle

MaXfield has a comprehensive lineup of equipment for the propane supply chain.

Producer -> Wholesaler/Midstream -> Propane Retailer/Distributor -> End User

Why choose MaXfield:

  • Working knowledge of all applicable Codes/Regulations
  • Certified to perform the design and remounting services
  • Offer a high quality
  • Full design capability and the experience to develop the economic solution
  • Support the customer to choose the right specifications
  • Provide flexible financial options for new asset purchases; i.e. leasing
  • We have the OATS program offering our customers access to:
    • Service Records
    • Inspection Reports
    • Certifications documents
    • Recorded verification of work performed/regulatory requirements.

MaXfield is a CSA-B-620 TC Certified Supplier:      

Manufacturer/Repair/Assembly/Testing/Inspecting of Storage Vessels/Tank Trucks/Trailers.

We have the experience to help our customers develop the right solution for their business.

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