Pipe Spooling

MaXfield supplies high-quality insulated cryogenic assets (typically for CO2 or N2 service), transports and associated equipment. It’s a natural outgrowth from our long experience and proven track record of building pressure assets. Our cryogenic assets are manufactured out of mild steel or high-tensile steel as appropriate for fixed-location or mobile application.

A major benefit of choosing MaXfield is our deep experience at repairing roll over and accident damage to cryogenic transports. Repair of a locally designed and built unit is usually simpler, faster and less expensive. As with everything we build, we’re always up-to-date on the latest codes and regulations governing cryogenic storage equipment. And you’ll have convenient access to the complete service records and other relevant documentation of anything we manufacture for you, using our in-house Online Asset Tracking System (OATS).

Here’s what we provide:

  • Vacuum-insulated cryogenic cargo transports
  • Conventionally-insulated cargo transports
  • Insulated cryogenic storage assets
  • Mobile storage (Queen units)
  • Custom-fabricated equipment

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