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MaXfield Overview

Serving primarly western Canada, Maxfield designs, engineers, fabricates, packages and services a range of pressure assets, pipe spooling, structural skids and cargo transports. We provide engineered product and service to the energy processing sector, trucking industry, manufacturing sector, oil and natural gas exploration/production companies, anhydrous ammonia distribution and marketing industry, well completion service and supply industries, engineering firms, propane distributors, mining companies, power generation and cryogenic industries, liquid fertilizer and farm implement dealers and agricultural producers.

MaXfield has ability and expertise to work with some of the world’s largest energy producers. However, we remain responsive to service smaller, independent entities in many sectors, all with equal dedication and commitment to meet customer satisfaction.

We are an experienced manufacturer with modern facilities committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. We do far more than build to spec — we evaluate our customers’ precise needs and develop innovative solutions that work for them. Our ability to meet numerous needs across the manufacturing functions is rare in the fabricating sector.

Vertically integrating our capabilities has enabled us to deepen and broaden our product offering — including government-approved inspection and re-test services. These services extend across numerous industries. This greater-than-normal reach provides our customers with the convenience and benefits of one-stop shopping.

MaXfield’s key advantages are:

  • Enthusiastic, skilled and customer-focused workforce of tradespeople, professionals and senior management;
  • Leadership team with deep experience in our manufacturing and service lines;
  • Well-equipped manufacturing and service facilities totalling over 130,000 square feet in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with headquarters in Calgary;
  • Full array of safety and technical certifications covering all our manufacturing lines; and
  • Long track record of growth, expansion and success.

These advantages allow us to achieve innovative design solutions and consistently high-quality manufacturing results for our customers. 

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