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MaXfield’s experienced engineering department ensures that every customer concept or new company product idea is executable. Our engineers perform the analysis and calculations needed to transform a design into a set of specifications and drawings. Using state-of-the-art computer-aided design and drafting software, they make sure every piece we build can operate safely and reliably under the conditions the customer envisions and under the parameters that the design calls for.

The professional engineering process also ensures public and operator safety, and that the product meets all codes and regulations that define technical and safety standards. MaXfield’s insistence on thorough engineering also physically optimizes the product itself, ensuring that all the components are sized right and work together in harmony.

More than that, MaXfield is a knowledge contributor to the fabricating sector, which benefits our customers. Members of MaXfield’s engineering group sit on code committees in several of the industries we serve. They’re there to help ensure that proposed changes to technical and safety regulations — and there are a lot of them these days — are effective and practical. Not many other pressure-asset fabricators can say the same. That’s another sign of MaXfield’s industry leadership.

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