Inlet Separation - 2/3 Phase

“Come to MaXfield with an idea, and we’ll design the solution.” Design is the conceptual development of equipment, components or complete packages that achieve your objectives.

MaXfield’s capabilities go far beyond building to spec — although we do that too. Our design team will take your concept, or simply your description of what you're trying to achieve, and come up with the solution. Then our engineering department turns it into specifications and drawings. You’ll have direct access to the designer and engineer to ensure that what we develop is really what you had in mind.

When it comes to mining equipment MaXfield has experience in building many parts and peices of the required equipment including conveyor systems and slurry piping.  In addition MaXfield has worked with many propane reatilers to develop construction heating solutions for cost effective deployment at site to ensure construction continues even when the temperature drops. 

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