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Vision, Mission and Core Values

MaXfield’s leadership team developed a Vision, Mission and Core Values soon after the company’s founding. These statements have formed the core principles that have motivated and guided the company ever since. They continue to do so today — and will for many years into the future.

Our Vision  MaXfield is the first choice in North America for employees and customers in the compressed gas industry.

Our Mission MaXfield designs, builds and services equipment for the compressed gas industry in North America for optimal performance and public safety.

Our guiding values and principles are:


  • Lead with integrity.
  • Recruit great people; clarify expectations, empower them and treat people as individuals; each one deserving of respect and every person matters.
  • Practice safety in all our business activities.


  • Innovate, create, and adopt new technologies and processes in the search of excellence to bring the most value possible to our customers.
  • Innovate, create, and adopt new enterprise technologies and processes to bring the most value possible to our shareholders.


  • Accept the challenge; get the job done; never give up.
  • Ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Continue to build a long-term sustainable business.


  • Enhance relationships with our employees, customers, business partners, and suppliers to create shared value through collaboration, innovation and synergies.

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